Last updated: May 11, 2022

This plan was developed by ArtisTree's artistic director to simply communicate the responsiblities and expectations of those working together for the benefit of the student. At the heart of this plan are five qualities which, when consistently practiced result in a harmonious and productive learning process for student, teacher and parent. ArtisTree's Plan for Dance may also be considered a successful blueprint for the art of living life.

A Dance Student is:

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  • Prepared & Prompt - punctual to class and rehearsals, consistent attendance, "tools" in order (hair, shoes, leotards)
  • Polite - respectful conduct to all, including fellow dancers, faculty, and family; competing and comparing with one's own growth in class; cooperating for the good of the class
  • Patient & Poised - consistent and persistent effort during the many years of training, understanding that learning to dance also reshapes and fine tunes the body with increased flexibility, strength, grace, control, stamina and a beautiful new look
  • Positive - bringing to class a sense of humor, open mind, and a receptive attitude
  • Principled - expressed in honesty, order, obedience and self-discipline
  • Attitude is Everything!