Last updated: May 11, 2022


Budding Artists,
Come Grow With Us!

Our Seedlings Group

Children ages 2 through 5 can join our Budding Artists programs as a member of Tots, Sprouts, Seedlings, or Music & Movement. Our Budding Artist branch introduces the preschooler, in a nourishing climate, to the arts. Music, movement, and visual arts are the focus. Formal dance instruction for ages younger than 6 years old does more to damage and stress the young body and mind than to develop their abilities. Our classes help direct the young child's natural urge to move actively by an experienced staff of preschool educators and professional artists.

All children deserve to experience the delights of childhood in an atmosphere rich in the arts. Enrichment classes for ages 2-5 offer a broad based arts experience in music, movement and visual arts in a creative and nurturing environment where the child can express himself freely.

What we offer budding artists:

  • Arts and education programs for all ages
  • Emphasizing play and hands-on learning
  • Loving atmosphere
  • Trained and qualified teachers
  • Over 35 years in arts education
  • 28 years in preschool education
  • 30 years in public school education
  • Ideal staff to child ratio (2 teachers per 12 students)
  • State of the art facility near Memorial Hall, Fox Theatre, Flag Theatre, Reno County Historical Museum, Avenue A and Sylvan Parks
  • Located in the Lincoln School Project
Our Sprouts Group
1 Tots · Child must be 2 by July

Class not offered this season

Offers the two year old happy opportunities to sing and play with his mother/caregiver. Time is allowed toward the end of class for independent supervised activities.

2 Sprouts · Child must be 3 by Sept

Class not offered this season

Start the day with happy songs and enriching steps in the right direction.

3 Seedlings · Child must be 4 by Dec

Class not offered this season

Open the doors wide to beauty. Experience, explore and discover the joys of music, art, literature and creative movement.

4 Music & Movement · For Pre-K & Kindergarten level

Class offered Oct - April, Mon., 3:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Developmentally designed to learn basic motor skills and steps using songs, instruments, props, nature, literature and art.

Sprouts at circle time

  • Our Budding Artist activities are varied and uniquely age appropriate, such as: singing, drawing and painting; ear training and rhythmic training through creative movement, musical stories, singing games; playing small percussion; folk dance; exposure to classical music; introductions to autoharp and piano; exploring nature.
  • ArtisTree classes are safely, correctly, and developmentally designed for tender muscles, bones and minds.
  • ArtisTree strongly believes that all children deserve to experience the delights of childhood in a loving environment rich in the arts.
  • ArtisTree is dedicated to nurturing an appreciation of beauty and art through good music, creative movement, literature, and happy explorations.
  • Music, art, drama and dance are actively embraced and taught at ArtisTree by its certified and experienced staff.
  • Budding Artist Classes seek to complement every aspect of a child's life including reading and math readiness, physical co-ordination, self-image, and socialization.