Last updated: May 11, 2022


Programs for Elementary and Secondary Students - Weekly, Monthly, or by Season

Today, children are learning in and through the arts in exciting ways-creating, interpreting, analyzing and understanding. ArtisTree believes strongly that the arts are not a frill, but essential to core curriculum and a crucial ingredient to the learning process. Arts are integrated throughout the curriculum at ArtWorks to develop skills needed for the 21st-century workplace by fostering the capacities for critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, focus, informed perception, and appreciating different cultures.

Classes are given in conjunction with area schools in an environment where working artists create, inspiring children to become engaged in the artistic process. ArtisTree donates the teaching facility and materials in order to integrate art into education in our community. Cost to schools is minimal. Donations can be given directly to a specific school for ArtWorks at ArtisTree.

Pictured are scenes from these ArtWorks Curriculums: Musical Theatre Behind the Scenes, Famous Artists and Composers, Brothers Around the World — ArtisTree custom designs curriculum for a broad array of subjects for┬álevels pre-school-College.

ArtWorks also works in conjunction with Hutchinson's Historical Fox Theatre's By the Bus Informance Series for public, private and home based schools.