Last updated: May 11, 2022

This plan was developed by ArtisTree's artistic director to simply communicate the responsiblities and expectations of those working together for the benefit of the student. At the heart of this plan are five qualities which, when consistently practiced result in a harmonious and productive learning process for student, teacher and parent. ArtisTree's Plan for Dance may also be considered a successful blueprint for the art of living life.

As Dance Teachers we pledge to be:

  • Prepared - Arriving to class with well thought out curriculum, furthering our own dance training, and staying current in our industry by networking in the dance world with other professional contacts.
  • Polite - Giving correct and proper instruction as professional dancers and educators. The many demands of this profession require utmost consideration, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Professional instruction is not to be confused with unprofessional personal criticism.
  • Patient & Poised - Meeting the individual needs of each student along with on-going encouragement through the many years of training.
  • Positive - Not accepting limitations of laziness, negative attitudes, disobedience, disrespect and the like, which prevent the progress of the individual and his/her class from learning life-lessons and dance as a fine art.
  • Principled - Teaching correct and developmentally appropriate curriculum for a child's physical (muscular readiness), mental (terminology & technique) and emotional well being (i.e. the dangers of too much too soon).
  • Dance is an experience in lifetime enrichment